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Friends & Farms

Philip Gottwals
Tim Hosking

Who/What is Friends & Farms

Friends & Farms provides weekly baskets of healthy, fresh, and local produce, proteins, and dairy to customers at an affordable price. Their mission is to give customers good-quality food at a fair price and to educate society about the options that are available through local and regional farms.

What They Needed

Phil Gottwals and Tim Hosking, co-founders of Friends & Farms, knew they wanted to be located in Central Maryland because of the close access to good-quality food products. They were looking for a flexible facility—offering office and warehouse space—with the capability to reconfigure the space as the company grew. Gottwals and Hosking also needed a space that could be adapted to meet FDA regulations. Finally, they wanted to partner with a company who understood their growth potential and emulated their values; a company who treats their employees, partners, and customers with respect.

How Merritt Helped Them

Ultimately, Friends and Farms chose their company’s home with Merritt, not only because we fit the bill in accommodating their space requirements but also because they knew Merritt had a good reputation for working with small, growth-oriented companies. When first moving into the space in 2012, Gottwals and Hosking had an excellent experience working with Merritt. Being under FDA regulations, Friends & Farms was required to finish all internal projects before they could begin operations.  In that regard, they needed modifications in their building to be done quickly and correctly. According to Gottwals, there was not one time when Friends & Farms was left waiting. With the help of Merritt, Friends & Farms completed their FDA approved renovations so they could begin their operations.  

The partnership between Friends & Farms and Merritt extends beyond the beginning stages; still to this day if there is any issue within the property, Merritt is always ready and willing to solve the problem.