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  • Darren McCue

    Dunbar Security Solutions

    "We worked very closely with Merritt and their design team to build out a space that was going to work for our needs and it was all very much a turnkey solution.  That part of it I liked very much because we didn’t have to work with another third party. We were able to have a very integrated..."

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  • George Caracost
    Vice President & General Manager

    SAAB Defense and Security

    "It was always a positive experience with any problem or question [that we had], and that set Merritt apart. "

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  • Steve Borsh
    COO and VP, Bakery Express

    Bakery Express Mid-Atlantic

    "We could not be more pleased to be Merritt’s partner and tenant and look forward to our partnership for many years to come. "

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  • Ian MacFarlane
    President & CEO
    Mike Battle

    EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc.

    "We wanted to lead by example. As an environmental company, we were attracted to Merritt, not only because of their stellar reputation, but also because of their commitment to environmentally sustainable building. "

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  • Saad Alam
    Lee Jokl


    "Merritt had the character that we really wanted in order to build our company and the most important thing is we wanted a place that we could see ourselves growing and the staff that we met at Merritt was very accommodating and understood where we wanted to go and they didn’t flinch when we told..."

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  • Philip Gottwals
    Tim Hosking

    Friends & Farms

    "We wanted the capability to be able to grow our space with our business, so it was important to work with a landlord who understood small companies and companies with growth intentions. "

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  • David Brewer
    Koren Ray
    Chief Visionary Officer

    Hobo The Original

    "We were looking for a space that was kind of cool and quirky, but of course we needed a space that worked and that housed each one of our departments. So, we were very fortunate to work with Merritt. We had a dedicated designer who really listened to our needs and helped us create this environment..."

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  • Charlie Alexander
    President & CEO

    The Living Legacy Foundation

    "During the construction phase, the constant communication from the Merritt team assisted us in making sure that our vision for the project equaled our operational needs ... The final product resulted in a clinical operation and office build out that made a clear statement of the culture of our..."

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  • Brian Hudkins


    "The dedication to meeting our needs has been evident in each and every project…the end result has been nothing short of spectacular. "

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