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Saad Alam
Lee Jokl

What is Citelighter?

Citelighter is a computer-based platform that provides step-by-step guidance for students to organize their thoughts throughout the writing process, while also providing teachers with tools needed to assign, assess, grade, and manage writing assignments.

What They Needed

Citelighter originated in New York, but founders Saad Alam and Lee Jokl heard about the great presence of education companies within the Baltimore region, and jumped at the opportunity to be surrounded by people that could help build their company. Alam and Jokl wanted a space that mirrored who they were as entrepreneurs and a place employees would love coming to; something unique and quirky with room for growth and room for a full size basketball hoop. After looking at more than 40 potential locations, Alam and Jokl finally chose Merritt’s Foundry on Fort, located at 921 East Fort Avenue.  A historic warehouse transformed into an office and retail building, offered edgy, contemporary spaces with the downtown charm of Baltimore.

How Merritt Helped Them

Alam and Jokl believed the Fort Ave. space had the character they were looking for and also had the room required for the growth of their company -- and the basketball hoop. Merritt has worked with Citelighter through every step, from understanding their requirements, to negotiating the initial lease, to designing and building the layout, to settling into the space in November of 2015. Merritt continues to work with Alam and Jokl to customize their space as Citelighter progresses along their growth plan.