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Preconstruction / Consulting

An Integrated Design & Construction Approach

Overall project success relies heavily upon the decisions made in the initial planning of any construction job.  So at Merritt, we approach all projects in a collaborative manner, creating an integrated group – with owner, architect, construction manager, engineers and subcontractors all working together from the start. Using this approach with our own projects has provided us with the expertise and insight to guide any construction team through all phases of a construction project.

We’re More Than Just A Contractor

With the expertise of our well-seasoned team, our integrated and collaborative design and construction approach, and our open-book cost-plus solution, Merritt has the full ability to offer comprehensive preconstruction and consulting services to our customers. From feasibility and budgeting, to schedule development and the hiring of the design and development teams, Merritt will take on the role of your project manager and ensure that your design, schedule and budget objectives are met. This approach allows you to stay focused on your daily business operations, while we focus on the details of your construction project.

Merritt is more than just a general contractor, and regardless of our role, we take on the responsibility of translating your ideas into a building that balances budget and timing with functionality and corporate vision.