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Hobo The Original

David Brewer
Koren Ray
Chief Visionary Officer

Who/What is HOBO, The Original?

Hobo, The Original is an American leather goods company that designs and manufactures creative, purposeful, and stylish handbags and other small goods for consumers to express their individual styles.

What did they need?

When co-founders Koren Ray Brewer and David Brewer were handed the company in 2004 from Koren’s mother, there was a noticeable amount of growth for Hobo. At that time, Hobo, The Original was housed in several different locations which proved to be an issue for their growth plan. Koren and David knew they wanted to have all the departments under one roof in order to accommodate for the growth within the company and make design-to-production run smoother. They also needed a space that reflected their brand: creative, purposeful, and stylish.

How did Merritt help?

Koren and David established a relationship with Merritt Properties about 10 years prior to the move, so Merritt was the first place they turned when looking for a new space. Merritt understood Hobo’s growth intentions and mapped out multiple locations that aligned with the co-founders’ vision. After a couple months, Hobo, The Original found the perfect location, however Merritt’s work was not over. Merritt’s interior design team collaborated with Koren and David to make sure the space had the creative feel that reflected their brand. After being in the space for several years, the co-founders of Hobo, The Original are truly happy in their space and excited to continue growing their brand.